Get Pea Protein’s Unique Benefits in a Snack Chip

You might already be aware of the benefits from a high-protein diet for weight loss, but you may not know there are significant differences between the types of protein, such as whey, casein, soy, pea and others. Pea protein has unique benefits, in particular, and we’ve developed an exciting new way to get those benefits… Read More »

Time to Recommit to New Year’s Resolutions? Here’s How.

For the average American who has embarked on New Year’s Resolutions, statistics for success are not on their side. Less than 10% ultimately achieve their resolutions, with the bulk of the fallout happening during that first month after starting. Within a week, over 25% have failed, and over half have failed by six months, according to 2017… Read More »

Answers to Common Questions About the WonderSlim Diet

The exciting possibilities that come with the beginning of a new year to reach personal goals also mean welcoming many new members to the WonderSlim family for the first time! We’ve put together a few answers to help newbies (or soon-to-be!) with some of the more technical questions you may have about using WonderSlim foods and the… Read More »