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Get the most out of the WonderSlim Weight Loss Program with our growing library of WonderSlim Plan-approved recipes, answers to FAQs about WonderSlim Diet Kits from our customers, dieting advice, plus exclusive information on all the new WonderSlim high-protein weight loss snacks, desserts, foods, shakes and more!

Healthy Dinner Recipe: Turkey Burritos

Make this popular mexican-style favorite a healthier option with our turkey or vegetarian burrito recipe developed by a registered dietitian and nutritional expert! This exclusive recipe is great for a family dinner entree or a satisfying anytime dish! If you’re following the WonderSlim Men’s premium meal plan, this recipe also meets the healthy dinner requirements. Download… Read More »

Why WonderSlim Works – Watch 3 Success Stories

With so many different weight loss plans to choose from, why choose WonderSlim? Does it work? How? WonderSlim’s weight loss programs, used by thousands, are designed around high-protein, portion-controlled meals with a focus on flavor. The program itself is built to not get boring and to build healthier habits that last beyond the plan itself. We’re… Read More »

Video: WonderSlim Plan’s Healthy Dinners Help With Long-Term Results

One of the biggest challenges to any weight loss program is maintaining results after the structured schedule ends. This is why the WonderSlim meal program, which has been dietitian-reviewed and approved, includes a healthy dinner meal each day on top of WonderSlim meal replacements and high-protein foods to build better habits. Plan users simply follow… Read More »