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Justin Decided to Try WonderSlim. After 7 Months, Here’s What Happened

Often after trying several types of weight loss plans or fad diets with little success, people get understandably skeptical about trying the next. This is evident by the countless number of posts in Facebook groups message boards with the same basic question “does this really work?” So, does WonderSlim really work? We asked our customers… Read More »

Interview: Why These Sisters Decided to Try WonderSlim

This year, we sat down for a lengthy discussion with two sisters who had an incredible story to tell, losing 100 pounds each on the WonderSlim program. Jennifer and Jane discussed their personal struggles with weight loss and dreams they wanted to achieve as an individual, mother and sister. They sum up their inspiring story… Read More »

Sisters Get Emotional Recalling Incredible Weight Loss Story

While it’s an amazing achievement to lose 100 lbs., what makes one WonderSlim customer’s story so special is that she took the journey with her sister, who lost 100 lbs. as well! We sat down and talked with sisters Jennifer and Jane about their experience, and they shared some great perspective and glowing happiness that would… Read More »